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I know that every single parent does their best and tries to give the child the maximum. But just like at work, at school, in a relationship we can be better than we were yesterday and that's what this article will be about.

The child needs to feel love, security, and acceptance in the first place. The key is to set clear rules and boundaries so the child knows what he can or cannot do. The child needs barriers and needs to know what will happen if he goes beyond these boundaries. We teach him that every action has its reaction. Every child needs to test these boundaries and therefore it is good to always talk to him and explain to him what will happen when we adhere to the boundaries and what if we do not. The rules we set for children need to be applied to the whole family. But parents also set these rules and boundaries, because children are eternal observers. Children tirelessly observe how someone behaves in the family and they behave accordingly.

Tips for parents on how they can be an even better sport parent than they are now:

Car coaching

It is good to change the way you ask children. Instead of: "What was at school/training?" To ask "How and did you like it at school/training today? What did you learn ?, What made you happy ?, What made you angry?". Children should have a space to tell you how was their day

Good hunter

It is necessary to always try to find something positive about the child's performance. It is necessary to praise for the activity, not for the performance. Be a positive fan. Kids don't want anything else just to cheer them. Parents are there for cheering and the Coach is there for the coaching.

Try to understand why the child is doing that

It is necessary to always try to find the reason what your child wants to tell you. Many times a child's action is an attempt to grab your attention. Always try to tell him what you want from him and why, to understand his actions (asking: "Why do you do that ?, What sense do you see in that ?, What did you try to do? ...).

 Give your children your full attention for at least 10 minutes a day

Take an interest in what they do that day, do activities together, do homework together, clean up or just relax (without phones). Try to pay attention only to your child.

Reliability of parents

Always keep everything you promise them. If this is not possible, clearly explain to them why and when it will be possible. When you promise them something, for you these promises may expire when new duties arise, but they are very important for the child. When a parent does not fulfill it for a long time, the child carries it into life, that I too can promise something and not fulfill it.

The more important is, what's more

Not every day is Sunday and it may happen that you do not have your day which is completely fine we are not machines. It happens that you explode, that you do not communicate, or that you have reacted more sharply to the situation than necessary. It depends on what the child lives in most of the time. Most importantly, even if the whole world stands on its head, the child will know that you will always be with him and he can count on you.

We have offered you advice on how you can be an even better sport parent. We hope it appeals to you and you try some of it. But it is always necessary to know what your child needs, what he is taught to do, and support him in everything he enjoys in life. Be a fan of his, his stability and base and security to which he can return at any time.