Parents and their approach to sport and children


Better sports performance through the identification of strengths and areas for development, improved concentration, self-confidence, resiliance and management of stress and emotions.

The aim is to support parents with the application of the principles of mental preparation in raising their child to ensure they develop healthy self-esteem, positive intrinsic motivation and an excellent ability to cope with pressure. 


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What can you get?


Assistance in understanding your childs personality and individual needs.


Inspiration regarding how to develop your child and how to open up positive communication.


Improving your parenting skills within the realm of raising a child-athlete.

Better cooperation

Improving the cooperation between clubs, coaches, athletes and parents.

What do we offer?

Interactive presentations

For groups of parents who are concerned with the roles of family, school, sport in a child’s development. “The world through the eyes of children” and the development of a child’s talent.

Individual consultations

Supporting parents to communicate with their children. Assistance within developing their child’s personality and individuality.

Mental profile

Identification of the child-athletes mental profile obtained through an online software solution.

Development plan

The creation of a development plan created by one of our highly qualified consultants.

The aims, forms of cooperation and all activities are set individually according to the client’s demands and expectations. The price and financial conditions are determined according to the type of cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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