Mental training for national teams


The purpose of cooperation with national teams is to ensure the systematic application of mental preparation. This supports the quality of the team and individual performance while putting the greatest emphasis on the development of the player. We will work closely with coaching and management to set goals and activities for mental preparation. These will then be delivered to the team and players during the national camps. In addition, individual developmental elements of mental training are transferred directly to the clubs in which the national team players are active through individual consultations with players and workshops with club coaches.

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What can you get?

Improved cooperation

Creating synergy within the team between coaching staff and players.

Communication with clubs

Transfer of information and development activities to home clubs of players.

Clear goals

Supporting the coaching staff in goal setting and facilitating the communication of these goals to the players.

Coaches development

Improving the coaches’ ability to apply mental preparation to the team and players development.

Improved concentration

Develop concentration under pressure and the ability to transfer skills from training into performance.

Enhanced responsibility

Motivating the athlete to take responsibility and show initiative in their own development.

Developed self-confidence

Developing the athletes’ self-confidence and self-esteem to support their ability to excel.

Scouting support

Support for coaches for scouting players by providing a player’s mental profile.

What do we offer?

Mental profile

The creation of mental profiles of athletes, team, coaches and coaching staff through an online software solution.

Development plan

Development plan for players, team, coaches or coaching staff created by our consultants.

Individual consultations

Personalised consultations for athletes and coaches focused on individual development.

Group workshops

Group workshops for teams and coaching staff targeting development of the team atmosphere during national camps.

Cooperation with clubs

Group workshops for club coaches and individual consultations for club coaches and national team players in their clubs.

Up-to-date data

Current data on players’ mental profile and team’s mental readiness for competition. Along with recommendations improvement.

Reporting to management

Regular reporting regarding activities to management and collaboration in setting future goals and directions.

Operational support

Operational support for players, coaches and management in case of emergency.

All development plans are set individually according to the clients demands and expectations. The price and financial conditions are determined based on the type of cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further info.

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