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Any physical or social activity, including sports activities, brings with it a range of accompanying manifestations that affect the performance itself and often lead to various forms of indisposition. For example:
-personal discomfort,
-internal and contact tension,

In the field of performance and elite sports, these manifestations multiply even more significantly not only depending on the level of the physical and mental condition of the athlete but also on the type of sports activity performed, intensity, or extent of load. Sports activity is directly influenced by a number of stress factors such as responsibility, reaction or decision-making ability, time frame, fulfillment of goals, pressure to achieve performance and these affect the change of physical symptoms in attention, concentration, sensitivity, breathing, change in body temperature and blood pressure, feeling tension, exhaustion and often metabolic changes.

In the psychological field, it turns into the perception of fatigue, mental tension, changes in concentration, profiling goals, or even a loss of motivation. Physical, but especially mental stress factors are perceived as stress and are directly influenced by sports activity, the pressure of situational conditions, internal tension, and physical effort of the athlete and also directly affects the health aspect by their strength, degree, or intensity. In addition to a positive perception of stress when crossing a certain individual limit, stress can become harmful. In order to suppress harmful stress, it is necessary to cause a change in stress-inducing conditions, a change in one's own negative emotions as well as a change in goals and attitudes in the performance of sports activities and the overall direction of physical development.

Good adjustment and optimal condition of physical and mental health affect the immunity and defense of our body against the possible influence and reach of various diseases, including respiratory diseases, especially in the "covid" period. It is evident that not only stress, fatigue, exhaustion, or excessive effort, but negative emotions such as anger or crying lasting only a few minutes, can fundamentally but unfortunately also negatively affect immunity.

The health and mental state thus represents limits and predetermines the sport performance itself. Its quality and efficiency are proportionally influenced by mental preparation, regeneration, nutrition and drinking regime. All these factors are important and influence each other, their uneven setting or neglect can negatively affect the entire sports performance.