About mental training in sport

Mental training

holds the key to unlocking athletes full potential in competition and is equally important to training regimes as the physical component. It unlocks an athletes full potential within their sporting performance. It is just as essential to prepare the mind to be fit to compete as it is to prepare the body.

Successful athletes and coaching teams are goal driven and know how to focus on performance and not be affected by surroundings, setbacks or outside stresses. Through our targeted guided mental training athletes/coaches will perform at optimal levels by improving their ability to deal with stressful situations, building self confidence and learning how work best within the team.

We have a holistic approach and recognise that general and specific preparation, health, nutrition, hydration regime and regeneration are all integral to optimal performance. We utilise all elements of mental preparation to improve mindsets about all areas of preparation. For example, when athletes take responsibility for their health, performance benefits. 


Diagnostics of mental skills

In the assessment of mental preparation, mental analysis is the first step in developing an appropriate plan for athletes and teams. We use the SportMind diagnostic tool to obtain input data. This neurobiological based tool is extremely accurate and sophistacted in capturing and describing the clients cognitive associations. It assists in discovering the athletes character, strengths, areas in need of development and readiness for performance. In teams the tool can identify team atmosphere, coherance, confidence and readiness for competition.


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