Mental training for coaches


The aim of the cooperation is a development of coaches (or coaching staff) and their ability to apply the principles of mental training in working with individual athletes or teams. Moreover, we intend to create a proactive atmosphere among the members of the coaching staff which is the basis for a suitable atmosphere for the growth and development of individual athletes or teams.

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What can you get?

Clear goals

Supporting coaches in goal setting and facilitating the communication of these goals to athletes and teams.

Suitable environment

Creating a team atmosphere that facilitates the development of individual players and is a strong base for optimal team performance.

Improved cooperation

Creating synergy within the club or team between coaching staff and athletes.

Talent development

Increased ability of coaches to develop the individuality and talent of an athlete.

Scouting support

Support for coaches for scouting players by providing a player’s mental profile.

Monitoring progress

Monitoring the mental progress of coaches or coaching staff.

Concrete activities

We provide coaching staff with specific practices that they can apply to training and sporting performances.

Live feedback

Feedback from our consultant from observation of trainings, matches or races.

What do we offer?

Mental profile

The creation of mental profiles coaches and coaching staff through an online software solution.

Development plan

Development plans for coaches and coaching staff created by one of our highly qualified consultants.

Individual consultations

Personalised consultations for coaches focused on individual development.

Group workshops

Group workshops for coaching staff targeting development of the team atmosphere.

Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations for group of coaches in the field of mental training.

Reporting to management

Regular reporting regarding activities to management and collaboration in setting future goals and directions.

Attendance at sport events

Consultants will attend trainings, races or matches.

Operational support

Operational support for coaches and management in case of emergency.

All development plans are set individually according to the clients demands and expectations. The price and financial conditions are determined based on the type of cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further info.

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