Recently the differences in performance of elite athletes have become minimal across all sport fields. Nowadays, winning is all about details. The key element to be successful is having an optimal mindset. SportMind HDTS, therefore, works with athletes to reach their full potential in sport as it is often blocked by negative thinking patterns or emotions. They need to believe they can do it.

Individual athletes can pick from two types of mental preparation:

  • individual mental preparation - individual consultations
  • group mental preparation - workshops - education of athletes in the area of mental preparation


Athletes can choose the duration of mental training upon what they want and need the most - from an one-time activity to a half-year cooperation. In the consultancy process, we apply the SportMind HDTS diagnostics of mental skills to help us set up an individual plan for developing and monitoring the athlete. Our consultations are aimed to:

  • build self-confidence
  • increase concentration and motivation
  • teach how to evaluate one's performance objectivelly
  • set effective goals
  • handle high-pressure situations
  • control performance¬†worries and emotions
  • get to know one's strengths and areas for development

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Besides the individual consultancy work with athletes we organise workshops for groups of athletes that are interested in learning how to handle performance worries and loses, be mentally tougher, increase concentration, set goals effectively or are curious to know tips and tricks that will help them to be ready for their performance. The topic of the workshop is always discussed with the coaching staff or directly with the group prior to the workshop. Minimal amount of participants is 5. Here are a few examples of topics for individual athletes:

Pre-competition mental preparation
How to handle performance worries?
How to handle stress?
The power of effective goal-setting
How to react to win and lose

If you are interested in attending our workshops, please, complete the contact form below and you will hear from us shortly.

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