Basic seasonal mental preparation

Applying basic principles of mental preparation into the training process. Team optimalization. Recommended as a pilot project.

Diagnostics of the team (max. 35 players) 1x Coaching staff training 3 days
Diagnostics of the coaching staff 1x Consultations in a club 1 day / 2 weeks
Interpretation of the results 1x Online support via skype or a phone 20 hours
  Training attendance -
  Game attendance -
  Tablet 1x

Total amount: 15 000 €

I'm interested in a license: BASIC

BASIC Basic seasonal mental preparation
STANDARD Effective seasonal mental preparation
INTENSIV Intensiv seasonal mental preparation
Workshop for your team 5 - 30 participants


 An overview on Seasonal Team Preparation Packages





Diagnostics of the team (max. 35 players)

1x 1x 1x

Diagnostics of the coaching staff

1x 1x 1x

Interpretation of the results

1x 1x 1x

Coaching staff training

3 days 4 days 5 days

Consultations in a club

1 day / 2 weeks 1 day / 1 week 2 days / 1 week

Online support (skype, phone call, ...)

20 hours 30 hours 40 hours

Game attendance

- 1x / 1 month 1x / 1 month

Training attendance

- - 1x / 1 month


1x 1x 1x

Cost without VAT

15 000€ 25 000€ 35 000€



  • 1. Getting to know SportMind HDTS

    The first step towards a successful cooperation is introducing our work on an one-day training. If you wish to see how the SportMind HDTS diagnostics works in reality we offer 3 individual profiles with results intepretation and recommendations.

    Coaching staff training
  • 2. Pick your Team Licence

    From one team to a big club. Choose your Team licence which will meet your expectations and needs.

    Sport diagnostics
  • 3. The coaching staff training - SportMind HDTS diagnostics

    A key element of enhancing individual and team performance is to know how, when and why one should use the SportMind HDTS diagnostics.

    Mental preparation for coaches
  • 4. The coaching staff training - Leadership skills development

    A successful coach needs to know how to work with the mindset of his players and entire team. A part of the coaching staff training is focused on developing soft and leadership skills in coaching such as communication, motivation, goal-setting, individual approach.

    Education for coaches in mental preparation
  • 5. Mentoring in a club and operational support

    After the coaching staff training, our consultations support you during coaching - they monitor how you work with the team and the diagnostics and then they can offer you a useful feedback that will help you become even better!

    Mental couching of coaches
  • 6. Implementing mental diagnostics into the team preparation

    Now you will be fully ready to kick off your mental preparation plan and the SportMind HDTS diagnostics in your team or a club. If necessary our consultants will be available to support you operatively.

    Mental preparation improves sport performance
  • 7. Implementing mental preparation into the training process

    Mental preparation will be led by our consultants and will become a daily part of training process. Mental skills of your players and team will be developed during individual sessions, team meetings and training or game attendance.

    FK DAC mental training
  • 8. Improved sport performance

    The systematic work with SportMind HDTS will help you unlock the potential of your team, and thereby get your team to the next performance level.

    Sport psychology enhances sport performance.

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