Besides talent, hard training work, professional coaching it is the supporting family that belongs into common characteristics of successful athletes. Due to parents' huge influence on thinking and behaviour patterns, parents have a great potential to help their children achieve their dream goals or ruin them. 

We, therefore, offer various group presentations for parents who would like to create an optimal environment for their sporting children to overcome difficulties and support them in critical situations that professional sport brings. We are aware that there is no "right way" to raise a child, because every child needs a different approach. However, there are several strategies that have the potential to help every child to achieve their dreams if they are carried out effectively. Those are the areas that we focus on our group presentations for parents. For example:

How to help your child set goals?
How to react to a win or a lose?
How to give effective feedback?
How to help your child prepare for the competative performance?
How to build your child's confidence?
How to motivate effectively??

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