STANDARD Individual Licence


2 months

Find out what mental training is and get on the right path towards better performance!

STANDARD Individual licence offers:

  • Looking into "hypotetical mirror" which helps athletes to see themselves from the third-person perspective
  • An individual plan created to meet the needs of the athletes in order to increase performance. 
  • Effective goal-setting.
  • Increasing concentration and motivation. 
  • Handling high-pressure situations.
  • Getting on the "right path" towards enhanced sport performance. 
  • Consultant's support in critical situations.
What is included in STANDARD Individual Licence?      
Mental analysis of an athlete 1x    
Psychic energy measurement 4x    
The results intepretation with recommendations 1x    
Individual consultations (in person or via skype) 4x    

Total amount: 300 €

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An overview on individual licences


Minimum licence

Standard licence

Premium licence

Mental analysis of an athlete

1x 1x 2x

Individual interpretation of the results

1x 1x 2x

Psychic energy measurements

1x 4x unlimited

Individual consultations (60 minutes)

- 4 consultations in 2-week- ntervals Every second week

Training observation

- - 1x/month

Game/competition observation

- - 1x/month

Duration of mental preparation

One-time activity 2 months 6 months

Cost without VAT

100 €  300 € 950 €

Interested in mental preparation and want to know more?

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