What is mental preparation?

The optimal mindset of athletes plays an important role in achieving a high-standard performance in key moments of the game or race. The sport specialists and coaches put a bigger and bigger emphasis on mental training of athletes and sporting teams as it leads into improved physical performance. According to current research mental skills are 50-90% responsible performance set backs and changes. 

Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation of athletes and it helps to reveal the full potential of athletes in all sport settings. It is necessary to prepare the mind to be ready to play the game or compete.

Successful athletes know how to focus their concentration on the performance and not get distracted by other factors such as an adverse score. They improve in handling high-pressure situations, build their self-confidence and learn how to be the most beneficial for the overall team performance. Athletes as well as the coaching staff have to be ready to perform and fully concentrated on the performance even during the physical preparation. Games or races require to perform to the best abilities of the athletes even when athletes are facing adverse and complicated personal problems which means they need to be able to regulate their behaviour and attitude in all possible situations. Successful athletes need to be professionals who have a clear goal and understand how it is achievable. 

When mentally preparing athletes we use the SportMind HDTS diagnostics that helps us to identify personality traits of athletes, their strong mental skills and areas for improvement. Based on the results of the diagnostics we create an individual plan and perform consultancy work with various activities. The goal of the consultancy work is to prepare the athlete to be able to fully concentrate on their performance and tasks when it truly matters.


Mentálny tréning podporuje výkon športovca

Mentálny tréning cesta k úspešnému športovcovi

Aims of mental preparation

The aim of mental preparation is to stimulate the mindset of athletes and coaching staff to the optimal level and to increase mental toughness of athletes and teams. 

  • Identify strong mental skills and areas for improvement. 
  • Apply an individual approach when working with athletes and teams.
  • Train the coaching staff to work with the SportMind HDTS diagnostics.
  • Improve the ability of athletes and coaching staff to effectively set goals and to systematically work on achieving them.
  • Learn how to handle critical situations (e.g., stress, conflict, frustration).
  • Understand and implement fundamental principles of effective team functioning (e.g., communication, rules).
  • Optimalize the concentration on performance.