Mental analysis of an athlete

What is a suitable team role for each player? How to set the trainings? Mental analysis offers strategic information about athletes in the long term training program. It is a mapping of athletes' mental skills.

Psychic energy

Ready for an important match? Find out here. See more about current stress load, energy, balance of the body and mind. These results are variable and dependent on various factors. We, therefore, repeat this type of diagnostics and monitor the results during a long-time period.

Team analysis

Is the atmosphere in your team healthy? Is the team performance not blocked by anything what should be removed? Work strategicly with the team motivation. The Team Analysis reveales an overview on the team mindset, its mental skills, what roles are present in the team, how the team perceives the opponent before the game, how it respects the authorities and rules, sources of motivation and even more.


Does the team underestimate the opponent or do the team members feel an unadequate respect? Test the current attitude to the competitor before you face him. It is an independent insight into the team and it offers the coaching staff important information about the team prior to the game.

Athlete profile

One of SportMindĀ“s profile is available for athletes. Athletes can take several diagnostics here and find out more about their current energy or psychology. Help your self-awareness, enjoy the entertaining diagnostics and perform better!

Coach profile

SportMind is devided into two profiles. One profile available for a coach and second one for an athlete. Outcomes of above mentioned analysis (athletes' energy, opponent, mental and team analysis) can be found in coach profile. Coach can use additional features: online consulting with a trained psychologist and create a new athlete profile.