When to start with mental preparation?

start of mental preparation

Many of you have probably heard about mental preparation but some of you might be still asking „What is mental preparation?“ Mental training is what makes a difference between winners and losers.

Mental training impacts all the areas of sport preparation (technical skills, tactical and conditioning preparation, health status, regeneration, drinking regime and nutrition) and integrates them.

Generally, most athletes start to think about mental preparation when:

  • their performance is weak
  • they stagnate
  • they find it difficult to come back from an injury
  • they perform better at trainings than games
  • they are not confident
  • they get distracted easily
  • etc...

 These moments appear in the career of every athlete. There is no athlete who wouldn’t experience at least one of the situations mentioned above. Mental preparation can help athletes to get through these situations and perform smarter.

However, to become a professional athlete, mental preparation should be part of daily training process. Now, you might be thinking – „Why would I need it?“ or „I don’t need it, I am doing really well now!“.

The reason why every athlete should experience mental preparation is that it improves and stabilizes the performance level. To be a winner, it is important to know how to:

  • handle critical and key moments of the games/tournaments/meets
  • how to maintain concentration
  • how to stay confident but humble
  • how to get motivated
  • how to set goals

These are just a few areas that are part of mental preparation and that can be trained. However, it is not one or two hours process! It is a long-term process, when the athlete learns and trains these areas step by step. That’s why it is never too late or too soon to start with mental training.